Traditional Shopfront Improvement Grant Scheme

The Traditional Shopfront Improvement Grant Scheme (TSIG) is another important aspect of the THI programme and an incredibly exciting opportunity to really improve the appearance and prosperity of central Govan. The TSIG Scheme offers grant to shop owners to reinstate the original scale, proportion and details of Govan’s shopfronts – restoring them to their former glory. With lots more people expected to be in and around Govan on a daily basis when the new river crossing and housing at Water Row gets underway in 2019, the time has never been better to make the most of Govan’s shopfronts and encourage more residents, businesses and visitors to choose Govan.

The positive effect of THI funded shopfront improvements can already be seen in Langlands Road and at the Water Row shops and Café 13 at Govan Cross, which together have added cosmopolitan café culture, more local jobs and higher quality goods and services to the town centre. As well as full-scale shopfront reinstatements, smaller improvements that use a creative approach to signage, decoration and window displays will also be encouraged through the TSIG Scheme, as small changes can make a big difference to local street quality and wellbeing.


The TSIG Scheme is open.

If you are the owner or tenant of a shop in Govan Conservation Area and interested in improving your shopfront, then you should register your interest in the grant scheme by completing Form 1 – Registration of Interest and returning it to the THI Team by Friday 8 December 2017.

All the information you’ll need to apply for grant is available to download from this site, including TSIG Grant GuidanceForm 1 – Registration of Interest, Form 2 – Shopfront Grant Application and THI Guidance Leaflet “Improving Govan’s Shopfronts“. Grant will be awarded in rounds on a first come first served basis, so you are encouraged to register in Round 1 and as early as possible, as there is no guarantee grant funding will still be available toward the end of the programme.


Key Facts

Status: Active – Round 1 Registration Deadline: 8 December 2017

Grant Budget: £850,000

Timescale: October 2017 – March 2021.

Funders: Heritage Lottery Fund, Historic Environment Scotland, Glasgow City Council, Private Owner contributions.

Project Team: Govan Cross THI Team