Free Event this Saturday 6 May – Govan Old Entranceway – “Dinnaken Square”

Coming up this Saturday, the second of four events being held to re-design the entranceway to Govan Old.

Join us for a walk around Govan and a discussion to identify what makes a good public space.

Saturday 6 May 2pm-5pm – meet by the War Memorial.

Lots of local residents and organisations are already busy researching the history of this space, delving into the archives at Govan Old and the Pearce Institute for information. Interesting facts are being uncovered through old press clippings about the last major improvements carried out to the space during the 1930’s. These were led by the then minister of Govan Old, the Reverend George MacLeod, and were carried out by the workers of Govan, many of whom found themselves unemployed during the great recession. Investigations continue to find out what happened to the space during the Second World War and there is already evidence of air raid shelters being installed at the site. Do you remember this? Perhaps you have old photos or postcards that highlight the history behind it?

The weather forecast is looking good.  Get involved this Saturday – full project and event details can be found here.