Free Govan Summer Ferry 2017

The Govan summer ferry is back!    Starting on 30 June 2017, and up to Monday 25 September 2017. The free ferry will operate daily between the hours of 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday and 10.00am – 5.30pm at the weekends. It departs from the pontoon at the bottom of Water Row and shuttles backwards and forwards continually throughout the day.  There is space for bikes, so cyclists simply grab your wheels and get ready to sail.

Be sure to visit Govan’s fabulous historic attractions. Discover Govan’s ancient history through the Govan Stones at Govan Old or visit Fairfield Heritage Centre to marvel at the story of Glasgow’s greatest shipyard. Take in lunch at the wonderful Cafe 13 and enjoy a stroll around Elder Park. Make a day of it by popping over to the Riverside Museum and the Tall Ship. And if you’ve been there done that, why not try one of our new Govan Hidden History Walking Trails?  Hop aboard everyone and get into Govan.

The Govan summer ferry is provided free of charge thanks to fundraising led by Govan Workspace and the generous donations of many local organisations and agencies.

Do You Have Limited Mobility?

If you have limited mobility please contact Gregor Connelly on 07545 903 626 in advance of your trip so we can have things prepared to make sure you have an enjoyable time with us. Our ferry is not completely accessible but long as you are happy for us to assist you onboard we would be delighted to take you out.